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    How to change your password at HiL


    1.       Open your browser and go to: konto.hil.no

    2.       Click on «change password» (see picture)


    Forside Konto.hil.png



    3.       You will then come to the page like below:

    Konto.hil steg2.png

    4.       Choose «student» or «ansatte» (employee) and click.


    5.       On the next page you must write your username («brukernavn») – student or employee number and current password ( «gjeldende passord»). If you have forgotten your password or your password has expired (it does so after 90 days), click on «glemt passord» down in the bottom left hand corner next to the «lock» icon.

    konto.hil steg4.png



    6.       When you have logged on, you will come to a page which shows what information we have registered: first name, family name, cell phone nr., private email address, PIN CODE (which is used by your access card to open doors). Confirm the information by clicking in the box next to «jeg godtar», and then click on «fortsett» (continue).

    konto.hil steg5.png


    7.       Finally you come to the page where you can change your password according to a number of conditions:
    Your password must have at least 1 capital letter and 1 lower case letter (ex: «A»; «a»)

    Your password must be at least 8 characters long, maximum 32, preferably no longer than 16 as Office doesn’t support passwords longer than 16

    Your password must have at least 1 number

    Your password must have at least 1 special symbol like the following but not limited to: ! » # % &

    As you write your password, the strength will be shown. If you have not included any of the demands, they will be shown in red above «nytt passord» (new password)

    konto.hil steg6.png

    When the strength of the password has been approved, and all of the conditions have been met, you can click on «>> endre passord» (change password). After that, everything should be in order:


    REMEMBER!It is a good idea to update your password as soon as possible on all the devices you use – cell phone, tablet, pc/Mac et. al. Your account can be shut down / closed / unavailable if you try to log on with these devices and the password has not been updated on them as well. 

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