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MPI WEC 2011

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    Notater fra konferansen MPI WEC, 23. – 26. juli 2011 (skrevet av Per)

    Nedenfor følger oppsummerende notater fra konferansen. De som jeg antar er av størst allmenn interesse kommer først og de som går spesifikt på møteplanlegging er nederst. Notatene er på engelsk.


    Booring meeting suck  - The Time, Energy, Creativity and Profit Out of Your Organization™
    By Jon Petz

    Background: Corporate and association audiences aren’t easy to connect with. They’re sophisticated, often jaded and accustomed to high production value and flash. They bore quickly, victims of a career’s worth of long meetings. Your meeting or event has to be energetic, engaging and entertaining. Join author and speaker Jon Petz to explore the ‘no bore’ zone!

    Notes: This was a presentation about how to and how not run meetings. A few tips are start on time, know your audience, make the audience relax in the start and use innovative technologies. Divide your presentation in 7 minutes cycles. Every meeting should have a mission statement. What do you want to accomplish? Put in social time the first 5 minutes prior to the meeting.

    Resources:Se bok i Nordenden

    Designing Meetings that Excite, Enlighten, and Empower your Audience
    By Dr. Lawana Gladney, Emotionell Wellness Inc.

    Background: For optimal learning to take place, the brain has to be focused and excited. Designing meetings that will tap into the different components of the brain, takes knowledge and strategy of information processing on how the brain works and what works for the brain. This session will teach you how the brain processes information, how to add excitement and color and how to make a lasting impact on your attendees.

    Notes: As a presenter you should greet people on the way in to the auditorium. Start a presentation by shifting the audience mind and getting the excitement. Use humor in the presentation. Avoid cramming to much information into meetings. Put the information in chunks and keep the presentation moving, colorful and relevant. Also avoid too many learning sessions at conferences. To excite the brain you have to touch emotions by igniting the five senses:

    -       Sight – lighting, décor, props, color

    -       Touch- centerpieces, manuals, paper,

    -       Smell - aroma fans, plug ins, air filters, meals

    -       Hearing - music, AV, Sound bites, speaker

    -       Taste - meal, centerpieces

    The color red has a positive effect – se ppt. Avoid black and white.

    Presentation: https://sts.mpiweb.org/attach/Products/4970/13906/dl.aspx

    Do More with Less: The Rise of Free or Very Low Cost Web Tools for Meeting Professionals
    By Corbin Ball

    Advances in web technology are driving costs down for a wide range of event planning, tradeshow management and communication tools for meeting planners and suppliers including registration, exhibit floor plan management, booth design, electronic ticketing, polling, collaboration tools, communication tools, mobile apps and much, much more. This session will explore the causes and cover dozens of free or low cost web applications to make increase productivity and reduce costs.

    Meeting planning resources
    Word Press
    Jomla.org – http://www.dthdevelopment.com/ (Event registration for Jomla)
    Addoption into meeting apps will happen the next 2 years

    Web based tools
    amianod.com (cheap and sophisticated)
    mogotix.com (also cheap)
    leebug.com (includes social media tools)

    Social media for events
    polleverywhere.com (3 korte spørsmål – gratis for 30 brukere)

    NFC – Near feeling communication will be on the iPhone 5.

    google hangouts – videokonferanse
    www.join.me: chat, collaboration, conference (is a simple screen sharing tool for meetings on the fly)

    Presentation: https://sts.mpiweb.org/attach/Produc.../13020/dl.aspx

    Transform Your Sessions With These Participation Techniques
    By Adrian Segar

    BackgroundYour delegates don't want to passively listen to presenters at face-to-face events. They can do that online. But how can you encourage participatory learning? Experience and learn how and when to use participatory techniques-such as small group discussions, human spectagrams, fishbowls and affinity grouping-that will improve and transform your conference sessions.

    Notater: Many interesting techniques for running a session or lecture for smaller groups up til 100. Not so applicable in our regular conferences. For those that do teach, there might be some interesting reading in the resources below. His techniques was based on the following principles for learning:

    Tell me, I‘ll forget
    Show me, I’ll remember
    Involve me, I’ll understand

    Resources: https://sts.mpiweb.org/attach/Products/4816/13008/dl.aspx

    Where is the ROI in Green Meetings?
    By Thomas Roth, President CMIGreen/Community Marketing Inc.

    Background:Meeting industry leaders have observed a fundamental change in meeting organizer preferences and patterns. A select few of these companies, recognizing the importance of sustainability as an increasingly important market driver, have successfully benefited from the demands of the progressive business and leisure travel consumer. Learn about the motivations, skepticism and actions of the most "eco-aware" of travelers and suppliers, and how you can position and deliver your meetings or services to serve these early adopters and trend-setters.

    ROI (Return on investment) by

    -       Savings in operations

    -       Human Resources: Employee are more proud to be in that company

    -       Sales & marketing

    -       Market Share – first to market

    Resources: http://communitymarketinginc.com/cmigreen/docs/cmigreen2010_11.pdf

    Getting Smart about Social Media - Creating a Strategic Plan

    By Lara McCulloch-Carter, READY2SPARK

    Social media is on the lips of virtually every business person today. With a lot of buzz and virtually no barrier to entry, there’s more online noise than ever before. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes. Why would they want to listen to what you have to say? Tweeting, blogging and having a Facebook Page does not guarantee success...in fact, without a plan they can be massive time and money wasters. Learn how to think smart, stand out, get noticed and get results. Don’t simply exist...be exceptional.

    Notes: The new marketing director got 50 dollars to spend on marketing. This is what he ended up with: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lAl28d6tbko The video on YouTuve has been a great success and the product has sold great. See  aquite informative and creative presentation.

    Event + Social Media Blogs:

    My blog - http://www.ready2spark.com/blog (focused on the events industry)

    Event Marketer Blog - http://www.eventmanagerblog.com/


    Facebook Marketing



    Social Media Marketing




    Meeting Design: Research Implications & Applications (FOM)

    By William Voegeli/Significant Research LLC, DBA, Association Insights and John Nawn,/The Perfect Meeting

    From the elegant simplicity of Apple products to the selfless service of Zappos to the comfortable surroundings of the Starbucks experience, companies who have embraced design principles as a means to stay relevant in today’s business climate have been rewarded with growing communities of passionate followers and enviable balance sheets. Yet, despite the obvious applications, the meetings and events industry has yet to fully embrace design principles as a means of creating a more compelling and valuable attendee experience, in large part because Meeting Design is simply not well defined or understood. Join us for this interactive discussion that will explore the preliminary results of the MPI Foundation research on Meeting Design, outline its implications, and identify applications for your next meeting or event.

    Notes: One of those sessions that gave nothing new.



    WEC online:http://www.youtube.com/user/MPIHQ#p/u/4/9OZzaiOtu9s

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